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Environmental protection

It’s in our hands: Protecting the environment is down to management

Our services for you

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ESG Sustainability Report

We support you in preparing in time for the mandatory sustainability reporting according to EU requirements using the following standards: GRI standard, DNK (German Sustainability Code) and ESRS.

Our service includes:

  • Materiality analysis for the areas of environment, social affairs, and corporate governance for your company
  • Assistance in defining and analysing the data basis
  • Evaluation of the input and impact of the contents on your company, the environment and your stakeholders
  • Advice and support in the implementation of appropriate measures
  • Assistance with the content of the report
Legal compliance

Water, soil, emissions, energy, waste ... so many different issues governed by a multitude of regulations.

2022 numerous changes have been introduced at the legal level, especially about certain topics such as packaging, waste management (RenTri), ADR, etc.

In view of the extensive legislative changes, we support you and check, during an on-site inspection, the legal compliance of the corporate environmental protection guidelines with the requirements of the Italian (GVD 152/2006) and territorial legislation in force:

  • Identification of relevant legislation
  • Checking the degree of fulfillment of the relevant regulations
  • Notice of due dates for documents, tasks, and measures
  • Assistance in adapting company procedures to the regulations

Our consultants will be glad to support you with our know-how and convenient tools in setting up or further developing an internal legal compliance process.

By regularly updating the list of legal requirements in AsiX, we additionally keep you informed about news in the field of legislation.

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ISO 14001 - Introduction and maintenance

We support you with the efficient introduction and implementation of ISO 14001 in a profitable way for the company and the environment.

Instruments used:

  • Context Analysis
  • Input and output analysis
  • Environmental impact assessment
ECO rating for companies – ecobalance for all sectors

The carbon footprint and supply chain management for the company as well as the life cycle analysis for your products or services are represented by our ECO Rating, which was designed based on the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards. The calculation is based on the GHG protocol. All other relevant environmental aspects of the company are presented in form of an illustrative graphic and are the basis for efficient and solution-oriented environmental protection. More information

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ECO rating for the hotel and restaurant business – ecobalance in the hospitality industry

The carbon footprint for the accommodation company is presented with our ECO Rating, which is based on the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards. The calculation is based on the GHG protocol. In addition to intern factors, external aspects such as the travelling mode of the guests are also taken into account and evaluated. All other relevant environmental aspects of the company are shown in an illustrative graphic and form the basis for efficient and solution-oriented environmental protection. More information

ECO rating as a life cycle assessment for buildings/products (LCA)

The life cycle assessment (LCA) is based on the GHG protocol. Basically, a cradle-to-cradle approach is preferred (from planning to recycling). Using an illustrative graphic, the greatest potential for improvement can be made visible and solution-based environmental protection can be implemented. More information

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Consultancy on sustainability and environmental labels

We support companies in finding the most suitable sustainability or environmental label for their operations and their environmental focus by making the effort and benefits visible.

Corporate mobility management

Corporate mobility management helps companies to direct their own mobility and that of their employees in a sustainable and ecological direction. In this process we support the companies from the analysis of the mobility behavior to the implementation of tried and tested measures.

ISO 50001 - Implementation and maintenance

We support you in the efficient introduction and implementation of ISO 50001 with the following main topics:

  • Energy use
  • Power consumption
  • Energy efficiency
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Energy rating & energy audit

We analyze the energy consumption in your company and show you potential savings. More information

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Chain-of-Custody certification for PEFC and FSC wood products

The FSC and PEFC standards were developed with a focus on environmental goals and we will guide you on the way to international and independent third-party certification.

To obtain a PEFC or FSC product, all links in the supply chain must be certified in addition to the raw material from certified forests. This is why we speak of Chain of Custody.

Type of products

Chain of custody certification refers to products of forestry origin, i.e. wood (logs, sawn wood, veneers, firewood, wood chips, etc.) and wood-based products (panels, furniture, frames, pellets, etc.), but also wood derivatives such as pulp and paper (for office, printing, etc.). In addition, certain non-wood forest products such as mushrooms, honey, berries, rubber, resins, cork, etc. can also be certified, provided they come from forests that are properly managed and certified as such.

Why does it make sense to get certified?

FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification provides a sustainability guarantee for the forest or tree materials contained in a product. It ensures traceability of the certified raw material along the entire supply chain to the final product, which is controlled and verified by an independent certification body.

Possession of a valid PEFC or FSC chain of custody certification is a prerequisite for selling a product as certified.

Certified companies are able to
  • improve their environmental ethics and guarantee this to their customers with a well-known and valued label
  • develop new markets and business relationships in response to growing sustainability awareness among customers and business partners
  • improve their chances of participating in public and private tenders
What we offer
  • Initial analysis to determine the optimal type of certification and the correct approach to standards
  • Setting up the certification system in accordance with the company's decisions and characteristics
  • Preparation of the required documentation
  • Internal training of personnel (optional)
  • Internal audit (optional)
  • Participation in the audit of the chosen certification body (optional)

Our consultants

Environmental protection

Heinz Holzner
Heinz Holzner

Head of environmental protection department; Construction safety, project management, building physics, occupational safety

Holzner Heinz ist Berater der SYSTENT GmbH mit folgenden Themenschwerpunkten: Umweltschutz / Nachhaltigkeit, Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitssicherheit mit Fokus auf den Bereich Bauwesen, Bauphysik

Lebenslauf Holzner Heinz
Philipp Nagel
Philipp Nagel

Consultant for environmental protection and sustainability

Lidia Martellato
Lidia Martellato

Consultant for environmental protection and sustainability

Christoph Mühlberg
Christoph Mühlberg

Consultant for environmental protection & energy management; EGE – Italian Certified Expert for management of energy

Some clients

Environmental protection

Holz Pichler AG | spa
Alphouse GmbH | srl
VIVIUS KGmbH | scarl
Klapfer Bau GmbH | srl
Pfeifer Partners GmbH | srl
Progress Group
Energytech Ingegneri GmbH | Srl
Tratter Engineering GmbH | srl
Heidi Felderer Bau GmbH | Srl
W.M. GmbH | srl
San Luis Hotel
Beton Eisack GmbH | srl
Rubner Holzbau GmbH | srl
Loacker A. AG | spa
Kellerei Terlan Gen. Landw. Ges. | Soc. Agr. Coop
GKN Driveline Bruneck AG | spa
Elektro A. Haller OHG | snc
SEIK GmbH | srl
Konsortium arcFACTORY | consorzio arcFACTORY
Atzwanger AG | spa
Rottensteiner GmbH | srl
Ivoclar Vivadent GmbH | srl
Brimi - Milchhof Brixen Gen. u. Landw. Ges. | Soc. Agr. Coop
Brunner & Leiter GmbH | srl
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What our clients say

Sustainability is the new buzzword. But for most of us, it’s an abstract term that has nothing to do with our actions. Not so! The ECO-Rating from Systent showed us just how extensive sustainability can be and how every individual within our company, but also at home in our families, can contribute to making their environment more sustainable. We would therefore like to thank Systent for their help in this area.

Systent GmbH provided vital support in preparing our environmental management system for ISO-14001 certification. Alongside legal compliance reviews, they also examined our company’s operations from different perspectives to gain insight into our environmental impact. Internal processes, technical resources and interactions with external parties were all carefully considered. The graphic generated from the ECO-Rating was intuitive, easy to understand and helpful in visualising the relevant environmental impacts.

With support from Systent GmbH, we managed to integrate ISO 14001 into our management system in less than 6 months. The implementation was efficient and lean and ultimately allowed us to obtain certification. A core network of expert consultants and interaction in the AsiX management software generated meaningful and tailored analyses, e.g., the ECO Rating, in the form of a single, complete graphic for our company, which clearly showed the areas we can improve.

We’re a future-oriented company. As such, sustainable living is really important for us because it’s the only way that we can leave the planet in a better state for future generations to enjoy. Or at very least the same state as today. ECO-Rating showed us that we’re already on the right track but also highlighted the areas we need to work on. We’re not just talking about starting to think sustainably, act sustainably and live in a sustainable way. We’re ready to do that.

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