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Energy-Rating & energy audit

We analyze the energy consumption in your company and show you potential savings.

You certainly know how much energy is required in your company per month. But do you also know how much energy the individual systems in your company consume and how much energy is wasted? No? Then we'll tell you: that can be up to 60%. Why? Because hardly anyone considers the energy flows in the company as a whole, but only systems, process steps ... individually and only individual employees and suppliers are aware of them.

It is essential for a sustainable company to see the energy flows at company level as a whole and to minimize energy losses.

Our services:
  • Analysing the load profile provides an initial overview of energy consumption. This analysis shows the power consumed within a defined period, usually at least one year. This allows hidden electricity consumers in a company to be identified and starting points for optimisation to be developed.
  • Based on the analysis of the load profile, we carry out energy audits. We analyze the conversion processes in terms of energy use (electricity, gas, diesel, heat ...), consider energy flows and evaluate energy use in order to obtain an overall picture and derive measures. We then work with the customer to develop improvement measures that can be of a technical nature, e.g. replacing a system, or of an organizational nature, e.g. process optimization. The energy audits fulfil the requirements for the application for contributions from the province for SMEs.
  • In Italy, energy audits are mandatory for large and energy-intensive companies. Derived from the energy audit, we can of course create the report for the so-called "diagnosi energetica".
  • A central point is the support of our customers. We support you in every phase of the implementation process and develop strategies and key figures to make the improvement process transparent. Additionally we help sensitizing persons responsible for the process and employees with trainings, workshops and much more, always regarding the overall system.
Your benefits:
  • Cost savings through the minimisation of energy losses
  • Position yourself as a sustainable company: Make a valuable contribution to environmental protection by reducing your carbon footprint
  • Fulfil legal requirements for energy audits in Italy

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In the picture: Average savings potential for industries

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In the picture: Representation of energy flow

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In the picture: Weekly load profile

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In the picture: Heat with retrieval

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