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who help us provide 360° solutions for our clients

Blank placeholder image Occupational medicine and health promotion
Occupational medicine and health promotion

Prosanitas supports South Tyrolean companies in promoting healthy living for their employees to ensure that they remain fit and healthy and are able to work to their full potential.

True to the motto “We bring health to your home”, they offer companies and their employees a health promotion package that is currently unique in South Tyrol.

Blank placeholder image Work equipment review & expertise 4.0
Work equipment review & expertise 4.0

As an inspection agency, TechniZert examines materials, product designs, products, factory facilities, services, work processes, procedures and systems but also determines compliance with specific and general requirements (based on expert assessment).

Blank placeholder image Emissions measurements
Emissions measurements

Fa. Zeus has been active in the environmental sector for more than 10 years and specialises in workplace measurements, emissions measurements and laboratory tests.

An internal laboratory means the company is able to offer a wide variety of laboratory tests and therefore also guarantee quick turnaround times.

Blank placeholder image Fall protection: provision and training
Fall protection: provision and training

KronSafety specialises in providing rope technology for workplaces and emergency rescue in South Tyrol. Together, we offer technical solutions and training on fall protection.

Blank placeholder image First aid courses
First aid courses

The name “notmed” comes from “Notfallmedizin” (emergency medicine). The organisation was founded in 2012 but transformed into a limited liability company in 2015 to offer a wide variety of first aid courses and emergency medical training to employees in the medical service. notmed currently offers all common certificates for companies, associations and individuals.

Blank placeholder image Radon decontamination
Radon decontamination

ISTANA are experts in everything related to decontaminating and protecting areas from radon

With comprehensive expertise and wide-ranging project experience, ISTANA is a pioneer in the field of efficient protection against radon. We offer various solutions with this company in South Tyrol.

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